About us

We are a pharmaceutical CDMO established in 2020 as a result of the union of C.O.C. Farmaceutici and Tubilux Pharma, two successful Italian companies with decades of experience in this sector. We are the leading company in Italy for the contract development, manufacturing and filling of pharmaceuticals and medical devices for ophthalmic, nasal, respiratory and topical applications.

Our clients are multinationals and large groups but also small-medium sized pharmaceutical companies, with or without manufacturing sites. Our products are increasingly sold throughout Europe, the Middle East, the North Africa and in the United States thanks to the FDA approval of one our manufacturing site.

Why choose COC Farmaceutici & Tubilux Pharma

Quality and safety

Products and processes must deliver exceptional quality and safety; this is not simply a goal but our modus operandi, the unflinching daily pursuit of what we believe in.


In addition to product excellence, we value customer relations: we have a company-wide focus on customer requirements, geared to offering practical, timely responses.


An extensive catalogue of safe, effective, practical and technologically advanced products, packaged in sterile and non-sterile single-dose or multi-dose containers, with or without preservatives.

From idea to finished product

We specialise in contract manufacturing, filling and packaging of medicines, medical and diagnostic devices, cosmetics and veterinary products, in liquid, cream or gel form, lyophilisates and ointments. We offer a comprehensive service that avails of the most advanced filling technologies (in sterile and non-sterile environments) and a diverse range of packaging solutions: innovative single-dose and multi-dose containers -also in preservative-free versions- as well as plastic, polyfoil and aluminium tubes. Indeed, it is thanks also to our collaborations with leading producers of primary packaging that we are able to guarantee the highest standards of product quality.

Our history


Tubilux Pharma was established at Naples with the name Tubilux and they pioneered the ophthalmology industry in Italy at that time


Tubilux Pharma joined the Allergan group, becoming not just a local business reality, but an international one.


COC Farmaceutici is founded in Sant’Agata Bolognese with the company name Chemical Organic Compound (hence the acronym C.O.C.). Lameplast, a leader in the production of single-dose and multi-dose packaging in plastic for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, has a stake in the company.


Tubilux Pharma is taken over through a management buy-out allowing it a definite improvement and giving it a more and more prominent position on the Italian and international market.


COC Farmaceutici establishes a second plant in Rovereto (Modena), for the production of cosmetics and personal care and hygiene products. It is a period of great momentum, characterised by significant investments in research and specialisation in various spheres of activity.


Lameplast acquires 100% of COC Farmaceutici.


COC Farmaceutici obtains certification ISO13485 for Medical Devices.

A management setting and reorganization has led to an implementation and localization of our business activity.


Work begins at Rovereto on the construction of COC Farmaceutici's new plant for sterile product processing.


An earthquake strikes the low plain of Modena and Bologna in May, causing extensive damage to both COC Farmaceutici plants, which are nonetheless quickly made safe and fully renovated.


COC Farmaceutici obtains certification to ISO 22716 for our cosmetics division, which changes name to COC Farmaceutici, Health & Beauty division.

Tubilux Pharma has started the qualification process of its manufacturing plant for the approval by FDA with the aim to expand its business to the US market


COC Farmaceutici is taken over, together with Lameplast, by the private equity fund Aksìa Group SGR. This is a decisive step for ensuring continued growth on the global market, projecting the Group’s vision and founding values into the future.


Aksìa Group SGR sells Lameplast while retaining COC Farmaceutici, which continues to specialise in contract manufacturing, filling and packaging of pharmaceutical products, medical devices and products for personal care and hygiene.


Tubilux Pharma is FDA approved


COC Farmaceutici acquires Tubilux Pharma, giving birth to one single CDMO

Our mission

We want to help pharmaceutical, medical, diagnostic and cosmetic companies to preserve people’s health and wellbeing, helping to increase quality of life with effective, safe and practical products. We want to do this with an increasingly comprehensive range of integrated services, mindful of the quality of our products, processes, service and assistance, availing of avant-garde technologies and qualified personal and professional competences. None of this would be possible if we did not view innovation as the key to accessing the future challenges of the market as major players.

Our values

We are an all-Italian pharmaceutical CDMO, an acronym that says what we do (contract development and manufacturing organization) without saying who does it: all of us, who work day in, day out as a team to build not just the future of the industrial group, but our own future too. The clients who entrust part of their business to us rely on each and every one of us, on our personal and professional abilities and our loyalty. We have always known this, and so we act accordingly, inspired by these values:

  • Excellence. A lofty but not unachievable goal, which informs our approach day in, day out: a way of working that sees us focus unflinchingly on the quality and safety of every product and every company process.
  • Respect. No client is just a client. We believe in sharing not just goals, but the responsibilities that striving to achieve them entails.
  • Protection of Intellectual Property Rights. We consider these a most valuable asset, to protect and respect at all times. Because ideas have always been the real driver of progress.
  • People .We strive never to lose sight of individuals, never to hide them behind the pretext of a professional relationship or reduce them to a mere role or job description.
  • Sustainability. We want to grow, but we want to do so responsibly, in a way that respects the environment, our employees and our clients. Only this way can we succeed in consolidating in the long term the achievements made thus far.

Our style

Those who work for COC Farmaceutici and Tubilux Pharma or collaborate with us share a common approach characterised by a style that has been refined spontaneously over the years. It is based on unwritten but widely accepted social and moral rules which are embraced at every level, reinforcing a corporate culture inspired by:

  • Honesty and integrity. We base all professional and personal relationships on trust and loyalty, in the knowledge that giving and deserving are two sides of the same coin.
  • Respect. We fully meet all legal requirements applicable to our field of activity, without exception, no matter what national legislation they derive from.
  • Transparency. We share knowledge, goals and areas for improvement without reservations of any kind. We act without ulterior motives, in the certain belief that the only interests worth pursuing are those of the company.
  • Trustworthiness. Behaving in a trustworthy manner means putting yourself in the shoes of those who put their faith in you. Often this means going above and beyond mere duty, for the sake of a mutually beneficial relationship.
Primary packaging

Single-dose, multi-dose, bottles and other formats
We propose various types of primary containers: