R&D and

Research & Development

We help clients to transform their idea into a product that is ready to be sold on the market.

Our Research & Development laboratories work to develop a final formula, a process culminating in the definition of a product that is stable over time and suitable for the final container chosen by the client.

Thanks to our ongoing Research & Development activities, we tailor product characteristics to respond to market demands, aiming to keep apace of the most advanced technologies available and satisfy customer aspirations.


With the formula finalised and perfected, we industrialise the process, transforming the idea into large-scale production. For medicines as well as medical devices and cosmetics, we develop the optimum production method to achieve filling using the most suitable container.

We combine the utmost efficiency with the least waste possible, with a view to overall optimisation.

We validate the manufacturing process to ensure its repeatability and guarantee the characteristics and quality of the end product over time.

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private label

We offer customers a complete range of medical devices for nasal and eye care, ready for customisation with the graphics and brand of the distributor.