Primary packaging

Single-dose, multi-dose, bottles and other formats

We propose various types of primary containers:

Preservative-free bottles in various types

Multi-dose bottles with dropper and screw cap with tamper-evident sea 


5 ml

10 ml

15 ml

20 ml

30 ml

Tamper-evident cap

Dropper for liquids or viscous products - calibrat ed with water

Single-dose strips (also resealable)

0,3 ml / not recloseable

0,6 ml / recloseable

0,6 ml / recloseable with t.e.

1 ml / recloseable - not recloseable

2 ml / recloseable - not recloseable

5 ml / recloseable - not recloseable

1 ml / multilayer - not recloseable

3 ml / multilayer - not recloseable

Eye sprays, also in preservative-free version


Nasal sprays, also in preservative-free version

10 ml

20 ml

30 ml

Tubes and tubes with silicone applicator

5 ml/8 ml/10 ml






taper tip applicator

Bottles with pump dispenser


All containers can be customised with specific colours, pad printing or screen printing and the application of ink-jet prints or labels. We can also work with secondary packaging, for a complete product that is ready for sale.

Safe, innovative primary containers

We work in partnership with top producers of primary packaging to combine practicality and the safeguarding of product properties. We go to great lengths to source avant-garde, innovative primary containers which we offer our clients, our ultimate goal being to make patient care more effective and safer than ever.

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Secondary packaging

Once primary containers are filled we can package them in boxes with customised graphics and dimensions.